My Daily Code and Dinotopia

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I recently received an email that said, “My favorite movie and book is Dinotopia. Unfortunately though, it’s not very popular. Why do you have an interest in it and how did you hear about it?”  I answered in this way…

In the Philippines, where I live, TV often plays old programs from other English speaking Countries.  I first saw a TV series on Dinotopia.  The TV changed the last code to Find the Light, instead of Don’t put out the Light.  And they reordered it so the 12th code is missing as well.

Nonetheless, the codes on TV struck a chord with me.  I had long lived by a number of “codes”.  My absolute code being the Original Bible.  No offence, but this is not the book that most people use in religions.  I have no desire to be a part of any religion.

For years I have had a Personal Code of Ethics I adapted, from one originally written by a school mate from my high school, Carlos Norris.  You may know of him by the TV and Movie name of “Chuck.”

Chuck Norris Fact:  He used to be a Saxon!  (That “fact” is for real!)

I have also had some extremely good success, usually just after some total failures in life (but not to complain!).  These success, I had recently started to codify in my Code of Success, so others may benefit from them (a work in progress).

These three codes have been very good at giving me a good life.  However, at the time of my life (years ago) when I first saw the Mini series Dinotopia, I seemed to be missing something.  An easy to understand Daily Code.

1 – One raindrop raises the sea.
2 – Survival of all or none
3 – Weapons are enemies, even to their owners
4 – Give more – take less
5 – Others first – self last
6 – Observe, listen and learn
7 – Do one thing at a time
8 – Sing every day
9 – Exercise imagination
10 – Eat to live, don’t live to eat

These eleven codes were the Code of Dinotopia presented on TV.  However, I was NOT happy with the 11 codes from the TV mini series.  By adopting these I found two problems…

First of all, “Find The Light”  Is not a DAILY thing we do, no matter how you define “Light.”  #11 did not fit with all the rest as something we do, as we walk through life each DAY.

For example, #3 – Weapons are enemies, even to their owners, is something we should obey daily, do not take up weapons (a rock or words) – do not go to war… DAILY!  Weapons come in many shapes and sizes, like words and paper as well as guns and knives.

The second thing this “list” was missing was an overriding principle.  It just seemed to be 11 directives, the 11th did not seem to fit at all with the others, and they largely did not have a common principle.

That is when I found… in the Book…

My Daily Code

(Code of Dinotopia)

Survival of all or none.
One raindrop raises the sea.
Weapons are enemies,
…even to their owners.

Give more, take less.
Others first, self last.
Observe, listen and learn.
Do one thing at a time.

Sing every day.
Exercise imagination.
Eat to live, don’t live to eat.
Don’t put out the light.


It all came together…

SOW GOOD SEED, the 12th Code of Dinotopia, is the overriding principle I was looking for, Sow Good Seed by Eating to live, not living to eat – I lost 100 Kilos!  Sow good seed by making even the smallest effort, because one raindrop raises the sea.  Sow good seed by putting others first, self last.

Plus the 11th code, Don’t put out the light, makes perfect sense as a daily code.  The light being our passions.  I see so many people giving up on their passion.  Giving up life!  They really lose themselves.  Don’t put out the light, don’t lose ourselves, don’t lose our passions, that is something we need to do DAILY!

Here is a way the TV makers messed up by changing the Code, so they could One raindrop raises the sea, a theme, and have a good “find the light / find a way out of here” ending (and humor) for their TV show.

I believe laws are what help keep people safe, codes guide us to have a better life.  I am very thankful for the codes I follow, all around me I see people who have terrible lives, but these four sets of codes I follow, are what give me a good life…

God be with you…

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