The Tide Is Coming Back

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The Tide Is Coming Back
The Tide Is Coming Back

If you have been reading my Code of Success, here is a story you could file under You Are Very Close, When You Want to Quit and Never Give In and Never Give Up!

An executive had an interesting print hanging in his office. It depicted a large rowboat stranded on a beach. Two oars rested gently in the sand, with the ocean at low tide twenty or thirty feet behind it. The boat looked too heavy to drag, too big to move. It was just stuck there in the sand.

The picture wasn’t a thing of beauty. It wasn’t inspiring. In fact, it was depressing. Here was this boat created for the water, a very nice boat made to dance on top of the ocean waves, stuck in the sand.

But at the bottom of the picture was a small caption that gave meaning to the otherwise unremarkable picture. It read: “The tide always comes back.”

With that simple caption, the print took on new meaning: When the tide returned, that stranded boat once again would find its purpose. It would return to the place it was meant to be.

The executive once gone through a great disappointment. He didn’t think he would ever be happy again. Then he saw the painting at a small antique store and bought it for just a few dollars. Every time he looked at it, he said to himself: “The tide is coming back.”

That print spoke faith into his heart. The caption gave him hope that things would change in his favor.

You may find yourself in a similar situation. Stuck. Stranded. Robbed of your purpose. Things may not be going your way. You’ve lost your energy and enthusiasm.

Heed those words: “The tide is coming back.”

Hear my message: God is breathing new life into your dreams.

You will feel the wind of His spirit lift your sails once again. You are not meant to simply endure life. Barely getting by is not acceptable. You were meant to dance on top of the waves.

Tell yourself each and every day: “The tide is coming back. Today is the day! I am closer than I think!”

Remember that it is always darkest before the dawn. More challenges mean you’re closer to your victory. Don’t give up on your dream. Don’t give up your relationship because the waters get rough. Don’t give up on living a healthy life because illness brings you down. Times may grow tough, but remember there are rewards for staying in faith.

God promises your payday is on its way. If you’ll learn to be a prisoner of hope and get up every day expecting God’s favor, you’ll see God do amazing things. You’ll overcome every obstacle. You’ll defeat every enemy. And I believe and declare you’ll see every dream, every promise God has put in your heart, come to pass.

Excerpt From ‘It’s Your Time’ by Joel Osteen

Photo Credit By JaySea Runner [Rick Deckard]

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