The Seven Milestones of Life!

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In the USA today almost all major roads are marked with what people call “mile markers.” These are post that show where you are on the highway. Although they are usually much closer than a mile apart, they get their names from the old English Mile Stones. A heavy stone that was placed by the sides of the road, one each mile, so you would know how far you traveled.

The Seven Milestones of Life

As we travel on our journey down the road of life there are many things we can call the Milestones of Life…   This is about one that I noticed everyone seems to have.

Amazingly enough our lives go through stages.

New: Seven Milestones of Life Outline

We spend a year as a baby, then become a child, an adolescence, a young adult, etc., etc., etc.

Have you ever notice that these stages are 9 years and 3 months apart? I think not. But really it is true, 111 Months from Life Milestone to Life Milestone.

First we spend one year as an infant and then start our journey being aware of life.  Most of us will pass our Seven Milestones, or Special Birthdays if you will, without even a thought.

These Seven Milestones, which I know of no one who has ever spoken of them, are the real ages of our lives. Here is my understanding.

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Really, do you know anyone who remembers things clearly before their first birthday? Those first 12 months are just the continuation of the womb. Do you know of any child less than one year old that would have any chance to survive without help? As a totter they can feed themselves if they can find food. But a baby – no way! So the first 12 months we can Infancy. After that we start on the road to the first Milestone of our understanding!


From 12 months we march forward in our childhood headed for the first Mile Stone 111 months later! Yes, 9 years and 3 months! It sounds crazy, even I though it was strange when I discovered it, but none the less, after being an infant for 12 months we become a child for 9 years and 3 months.

As a kid we are learning about ourselves, coming to terms with ourselves.  Simply growing and learning the basics of what we will need in our future life.

At age 10 years and 3 months we pass the First Milestone.  We enter into…


Any parent can tell you that this is when a child is most actively learning. They are gaining knowledge they will need later. Likewise their body is sprouting from a child to an adult. Within a couple months to a few years, boys voices will drop. Girls will begin their period. In 9 years and 3 months, at age 19 years and 6 months old, we pass The Second Milestone. Bodies and minds changed into…

Young Adults

I will continue this in another post, but for now, I will just tell you the ages at which you will pass each of the Seven Milestones of Life.

10 Years 3 Months = 1st Milestone of Life
19 Years 6 Months = 2nd Milestone of Life
28 Years 9 Months = 3rd Milestone of Life
38 Years 0 Months = 4th Milestone of Life
47 Years 3 Months = 5th Milestone of Life
56 Years 6 Months = 6th Milestone of Life
65 Years 9 Months = 7th Milestone of Life

It might interest you to know that yesterday I celebrated passing the 6th Milestone of Life!

So where did the idea for this come from.  Well, I love the concept of design.  That is what the VeGenesis Lifestyle is based on.  Computers can make music because all music is based on numbers.  In fact, most of our design code – called DNA – is a base 2 numbering system called binary!  Yes, the same system that runs the universe and also runs in computers.

I love numbers!

Well, we use decimal – or a base 10 .  It is based on the fact that most people have 10 fingers and 10 toes!  In Decimal we can define numbers in any of a number of ways.  If you were ask for an integer, it would simply be a whole number for example.

If you were asked to give a series of three sequential integers, you would have your pick of only seven!  These would be something like 456 or 789 or even 123.  Well, I gave you three of the seven, can you figure out what the other four are?

What does that have to do with the Seven Milestones of Life?


These Seven Milestones are our Special Birthdays!  Not based on years and months, like I wrote above.  But base strictly on the months of our lives.

Here again is the chart of the Seven Milestones of our lives and you will see what I mean…

Seven Milestones

123 Months = 1st Milestone of Life
234 Months = 2nd Milestone of Life
345 Months = 3rd Milestone of Life
456 Months = 4th Milestone of Life
567 Months = 5th Milestone of Life
678 Months = 6th Milestone of Life
789 Months = 7th Milestone of Life

Yesterday I was 678 Months old and I passed the 6th Milestone of my life! One to go!

How many of Life’s Seven Milestones have you past already?

Inspirationally Yours,


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