Some Things I Have Learned In Life!

These are personal reflections on some things I have learned in life.  Or perhaps It would be better to say things that I am learning…

Some are truths I have collected from others, some are personal thoughts I have had myself.  Nonetheless, I print them here in the hopes they will also help you.

I’ve learned that it’s a lot easier to react than it is to think.

I’ve learned that I can do something in an instant that will give me a heartache for life. Continue reading “Some Things I Have Learned In Life!”

The Seven Milestones of Life!

In the USA today almost all major roads are marked with what people call “mile markers.” These are post that show where you are on the highway. Although they are usually much closer than a mile apart, they get their names from the old English Mile Stones. A heavy stone that was placed by the sides of the road, one each mile, so you would know how far you traveled.

The Seven Milestones of Life

As we travel on our journey down the road of life there are many things we can call the Milestones of Life…   This is about one that I noticed everyone seems to have. Continue reading “The Seven Milestones of Life!”