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Some Things I Have Learned In Life!

Here are a few things I have learned in life. Or perhaps It would be better to say things that I am learning… I’ve learned that it’s a lot easier to react than it is to think… […]

A Centillion or Quattuordecillion?

A while back I needed a replacement word for a “million”, meaning a large number!

Many people do not know that the dictionary defines a million not only as 10 to the sixth power, but also as…

a very large number <millions of cars on the road>

When I was a boy, a […]

Insighting Lan

Insighting… I cannot say anymore that this is a new word, in fact this coming February 20, 2011 marks at least 49 years that I have been using the word! […]

A Very Special Day, October 20, 2010

Today October 20. 2010, is a very special day! Why, might ask? Well today is my 680th birthday! […]

The Seven Milestones of Life!

As we travel on our journey down the road of life there are many things we can call the Milestones of Life… This is about one that I noticed everyone seems to have. Amazingly enough our lives go through stages. We spend a year as a baby, then become a child, an adolescence, a young adult, etc., etc., etc. Have you ever notice that these stages are 9 years and 3 months apart? I think not. But really it is true, 111 Months from Life Milestone to Life Milestone. […]

WordPress and adding sites and features!

I have been working on WordPress the last couple days. Adding many sites and features. You can read about it, including the program I wrote to make is work. Here are the links… […]