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Description: Welcome to aLan Tait Web Coding and Programming information, Software and Operating systems, Technical Forums... check it out, we look forwards to seeing you.

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Link: Code of Dinotopia

Description: The Twelve Codes Of Dinotopia is designed to allow people to expand their world by seeing the Twelfth Code of Dinotopia! This produces a richer, more fruitful life.

Keywords: Code of Dinotopia,Dinotopia,laws,Find the Light,One raindrop raises the sea,Survival of all or none,Weapons are enemies, Give more,Others first, Observe,Do one thing at a time,Sing every day,Exercise imagination,Eat to live,Don't put out the light.

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Link: My Code of Ethics

Description: aLan page My Code of Ethics at - Put Your Search Engine Page Description HERE!

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Link: The Force


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Link: Inspiration...

Description: Inspiration... at - A brief account of what inspires aLan Tait

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Link: My Office


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Link: Amazing Race!


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Description: We hope this Site Map for aLan will help you navigate the information here easily. Please enjoy the website!

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