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Hallowe'en and the Philippine Ber-Months!

Pam, my long time friend (from High School), sent me a message on Facebook and asked…

Do you celebrate Halloween in the Philippines?

I got to thinking that a few people might not know the answer to that, or about the Philippine Holiday Season, so here is what I wrote back…


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I Hate I Love You and Goodbye!

This morning I was thinking about a couple things I really dislike, perhaps hate!  I love you and goodbye.  Not it is not that these are so bad, but all around me I see people using the words “I love you!” when they don’t.  Any day you can go buy a pillow that says I love you, but it doesn’t.

Search the internet and you will soon find out that “I love you” is often used to ask for money, or sex, on Internet dating sites.

My second pet peeve, or perhaps the first, because I have hated it longer is the way “goodbye” it used.  I have a feeling no one should ever say goodbye!  So here is some suggestions for better communication in the area of I love you’s and Goodbye’s!

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My Time Machine - Poetry

My Time Machine

by David Tait

I wish I had a time machine
To fix the things I never dream.
I could remove what said in haste
Those things, that lay my life to waste.

I need you darling, forever near
To understand my deepest fear.
Listen my heart, to what you hear
I can’t live life without you dear.

In fear I said goodbye to you
It’s not at all my plan to do.
For if my heart could have its way
I’d want you with me, day by day.

To feel your touch, your warmth inside
And wash away, all doubt beside.
I’d lock the gate, the world outside
To always have you by my side.

Through think or thin, though sick or well
A life without you, is such a hell.
I make mistakes, I hurt so deep
I want to wake up, from nightmare sleep.

To find you here, beside of me
Sharing the happiness, we can be.
With no delays, full speed ahead
To be my wife, till be are dead.

One thing I want, to ask of you
To just be true, as true as blue.
And make your thoughts, and plans to be
As soon as possible, be with me!

My Time Machine, written by David Tait on 31 October 2012

Refiner's Fire or Cleansing Fire?

Many people do not understand the concept of Refiner’s Fire, or Cleansing Fire.

Fire Burns!  It burns away that which is not pure.

So here are a few Bible verses to look up as you start to make the Refiner’s Fire your heart’s desire.

Everything that can endure the fire, you shall make it go through the fire, and it shall be clean.
Numbers 31:23a

My grandmother cooked on a wood burning stove. Anyone who mentioned the heat would likely here grandma say, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!”

Only later did I understand the spiritual aspects, the heat is what makes us pure.

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Seven Milestones of Life - Outline

A lifetime may seem like a long time.  However, it does not seem so when we examine it in terms of “miles” and “milestones” rather than years.  Only one person in 10,000 lives to see their 100 birthday.  Most people die within the Age of the Bonus Mile (right after the Age of the Last Mile).

This is an outline of The Seven Milestones of Life.

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The Code of Dinotopia and My Daily Code

I recently received an email that said, “My favorite movie and book is Dinotopia. Unfortunately though, it’s not very popular. Why do you have an interest in it and how did you hear about it?”  I answered in this way…

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I See You Lord

I have been going through some really hard, depressing, and low times this month.  Sometimes when you are so low, it is really hard to see the Lord.  My good friend Marie sent me an email with this song, I See You Lord, by Aiza Seguerra. Of the song, she simply said…

here is a link to of my favorite song..
i used to play it whenever i am down..
i hope you like it

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Place Holder - Do Not Read!

This is where we keep all the secret information you are not suppose to read about…

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The Tide Is Coming Back

The Tide Is Coming Back

The Tide Is Coming Back

If you have been reading my Code of Success, here is a story you could file under You Are Very Close, When You Want to Quit and Never Give In and Never Give Up!

An executive had an interesting print hanging in his office. It depicted a large rowboat stranded on a beach. Two oars rested gently in the sand, with the ocean at low tide twenty or thirty feet behind it. The boat looked too heavy to drag, too big to move. It was just stuck there in the sand.

The picture wasn’t a thing of beauty. It wasn’t inspiring. In fact, it was depressing. Here was this boat created for the water, a very nice boat made to dance on top of the ocean waves, stuck in the sand.

But at the bottom of the picture was a small caption that gave meaning to the otherwise unremarkable picture. It read: “The tide always comes back.”

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Put a Dent in the Universe

“Put a dent in the universe simply means that you have to have a big, bold, clear, concise vision. I like to say that your vision should — fit in a Twitter post”, Consultant Carmine Gallo said. Gallo was referring to John F. Kennedy’s “man on the moon” declaration, adding: “We will put a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth by the end of the decade.”

“John Kennedy, in 1961, had a clear, concise vision. If Twitter had existed that day, he could have tweeted it,” Gallo said.

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