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Old Dance Moves - New Music!

Made from 66 scenes from some of the earliest musicals, this video is a piece of art. All the movies you see are from the Golden Age, no later than 1954 […]

I See You Lord

I have been going through some really hard, depressing, and low times this month. Sometimes when you are so low, it is really hard to see the Lord. My good friend Marie sent me an email with this song, I See You Lord, by Aiza Seguerra. […]

Uncharted Territory - Don Moen

I find myself in uncharted territory Never felt so lost Never felt so lonely Where are You Lord?

Teach me how to sing Your song Gonna sing Your song!

We have all been there… Where are You Lord?

This album came into my life at such a time… Just when i […]

Music and Lyrics Lan Listens To!

Here are the songs and Lyrics of the music Lan Listens to… So enjoy a refreshing moment with the Lan’s Music and Lyrics! […]