I See You Lord

I have been going through some really hard, depressing, and low times this month.  Sometimes when you are so low, it is really hard to see the Lord.  My good friend Marie sent me an email with this song, I See You Lord, by Aiza Seguerra. Of the song, she simply said…

here is a link to of my favorite song..
i used to play it whenever i am down..
i hope you like it

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Uncharted Territory – Don Moen

I find myself in uncharted territory
Never felt so lost
Never felt so lonely
Where are You Lord?

Teach me how to sing Your song
Gonna sing Your song!

We have all been there… Where are You Lord?

This album came into my life at such a time…  Just when i needed it most, God gave me a new song…  His love came in the morning and made all things work together for my good!  I hope you enjoy this music as much as I do.

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Music and Lyrics Lan Listens To!

People ask me what kind of music I listen to. So I have decided to add two categories called Music and Lyrics! I have also added a bar with categories on it. It needs some work to make it beautiful, and organized, I am working on that!

I am adding two subcategories… The first is MUSIC, you will find it under the LAN category. Here is where I will list music I listen to. Where possible I will add links to YouTube’s of the music. I will also link to my review / lyrics page where available.

The other subcategory you will find is called LYRICS. As you no doubt imagined, I will put the lyrics to the music I listen to, as I have time. I will also write a little intro on each of these pages, sort of a reason / review of why the music means something to me. These pages will link back to the the music page as well as a YouTube of the music if available.

I hope you will Enjoy this!