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Why I pray in Yeshua's Name, Amen! Part 1

Find out what is the true and lastiing name of the only begotten son of God! We are told to pray in his name, but do we? Do we even know the name he was given at birth and why we should use his intimate name in prayer? […]

The Code of Dinotopia and My Daily Code

My Daily Code, The Code of Dinotopia, is much more in-depth than most people think. Here is how I came to adopt it as My Daily Code. […]

Art of Compromise is the Law of Transaction

The Law of Transaction expressed as the Art of compromise. How to get what you want by giving others what they want! […]

Music and Lyrics Lan Listens To!

Here are the songs and Lyrics of the music Lan Listens to… So enjoy a refreshing moment with the Lan’s Music and Lyrics! […]