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Pay Attention or She’ll Rob You!

“Like a good doctor with a microscope, pay attention to the little things!” For Success in Life, Love and Business, it is very important to “Pay attention or she’ll rob you!” […]

Never give in and never give up.

Most people never really fail, they just quit. #13 Never give in and never give up. If you never give up, you cannot be a failure. Why, because you are still trying! […]

Life’s Not Fair, so Don’t Expect It!

#15 Life’s Not Fair, so Don’t Expect It!

Life isn’t fair, so why play by the rules? You make your own breaks, your own rules, under the law!

Instead, life gives us the chance to make our own fate. To strive, to fight against all odds. I was a street kid, so poor that sometimes […]

Focus on the Results You Want.

#20 Focus on the Results You Want.

Whatever you really focus on tends to improve, and what you ignore deteriorates.

If you have a business and you want your sales to go up – it is a good idea to find out how sales are daily…

If you have a problem in defects, it would […]

Get out and stay out of your comfort zone.

#19 Get out and stay out of your comfort zone.

If we only do what we feel comfortable with, we will never grow.

A baby falls many times in their effort to learn to walk. When we grow in life, it is not comfortable.


Hallowe'en and the Philippine Ber-Months!

It’s the Ber-Months, and Halloween. Check out how a Kano (Amerikano) views the holidays in the Philippines. Why do we call it Hallowe’en and what are all those Philippine Holidays! […]

I Hate I Love You and Goodbye!

So Te-rak (darling), let’s say Rak-te (our love is so deep), and never again use the word goodbye. Arrivederci! We will see each other again, even for the first time! […]

Refiner's Fire or Cleansing Fire?

Are you being tried in the furnace of affliction? Stand up to the heat, it is only the Lord Refining you for something greater. Every truly great story is about overcoming affliction. And we have a great God to help us! […]

Seven Milestones of Life - Outline

It is the Miles of Life that really matter most. The Milestones of Life simply mark that passing of these Miles that we could call Ages! Let’s look at the outline of the Milestones of Life. […]

The Code of Dinotopia and My Daily Code

My Daily Code, The Code of Dinotopia, is much more in-depth than most people think. Here is how I came to adopt it as My Daily Code. […]