As I wrote down My Daily Code and My Code of Ethics, I decided I should also pen My Code of Success: Twenty-Five Codes for Success in Life, Love and Business.

Unlike My Daily Code, which is really the twelve codes from the book Dinotopia, or My Code of Ethics, which was penned by another graduate of my High School, My Code of Success is a compilation of things I have found along the life’s way.  Greatly inspired by the late Steve Jobs, they are expanded to include the more practical sides of being a success, in whatever I do in life, love and business.

My Code of Success:
Twenty-Five Rules for Success in Life, Love and Business.

    1. You Must Do What You Love, No Matter What.*

    2. You Are Very Close, When You Want to Quit.*

    3. Welcome the Worst, Don’t Worry!*

    4. Universal Law of Transaction.

    5. Take Everything One Day at a Time.*

    6. Solve Your Own Problems.*

    7. Sell Dreams Not Products.*

    8. Say No to 1,000 Things.*

    9. Put a Dent in the Universe.

    10. Pay Attention or She’ll Rob You!

    11. Never Stop! Move Forward Everyday.

    12. Never Let Anyone Push You Around.

    13. Never Give In and Never Give Up.

    14. Master the Message.

    15. Life’s Not Fair, so Don’t Expect It!

    16. Kick Start Your Brain.

    17. If it is Significant, Measure It!

    18. Give an A.R.K. Away!

    19. Get Out and Stay Out of Your Comfort Zone.

    20. Focus on the Results You Want.

    21. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously.

    22. Deterioration is Lack of Management.

    23. Decide Quickly!

    24. Create Insanely Great Experiences.

    25. Always Be Thankful and Smile.

Note: I will be adding a post and linking each one of these to that post to further explain each meaning. Some are easy to understand, like Decide Quickly or Always Be Thankful. However, others need some further explanation like, Give an A.R.K. Away! and Pay Attention or She’ll Rob You! So bookmark this page and check back as I will be adding these over the next weeks and months.

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