There are plenty of people making money talking about their “Secret Bible Code!”  It is curious that people love a mystery and therefore buy into an idea that there is some secret or hidden Bible Code.

Frankly, this brings to mind a David Tait quote…

“The secrets in the Bible
are like hiding trees in a forest,
the only way it works
is if they’re in plain sight!”
~ David Tait ~

However, I have found one Bible Code that really works, My Bible Code!

Hidden in Plan Sight

Therefore, if “the secrets in the Bible are like hiding trees in a forest, the only way it works is if they’re in plain sight!”  Then any true Bible Code must be clearly visible to any reader paying attention.

Now I will admit that sometimes things are hidden in translations.  For example, in Genesis 1:29-30 there is a word that is sometimes translated “meat” and other times translated “food” and in other verses this is translated as “firewood!”  It means that which is consumed and burnt!  In English, it should be Fyuel when meaning things we eat, and fuel when meaning what a fire eats!

Meat is an Old English word meaning nourishment and “Food” according to the Food and Drug Administration, generally means something that will not kill a healthy person in the next year.  I guess the problem with that is that there are so few healthy people today because most people are eating food instead of fyuel – but that is a different story.

Nonetheless, I am not talking about how things are translated, but a Bible Code you can use to apply the Truths and Teachings of the Bible to yourself!  (Or I should say, to Myself!)

My Bible Code

I call this either My Bible Code, or Seven Golden Rules.

My Bible Code is Seven Golden Rules for finding out what I should follow in the Bible.  The Bible is full of teaching, truth and examples.  However, there are good examples and bad examples.  So the Seven Golden Rules of My Bible Code give me a guide or a priority of what teaching and examples I should apply in my own life.


The Seven Golden Rules of My Bible Code also help me to prioritize what I should be believing in.  Some things are written in the Bible for everybody, and some things were written for a limited amount of people.  For example, to be “crucified with Christ” does not mean to be literally crucified!  Yeshua (Jesus) was the only sacrifice.  This is why “Blood Atonement” or the shedding of one’s own blood (or that of another) for sin, is really wrong!  It amounts to suicide – and that is murder!

When applying My Bible Code, try to match the Top Rule.  In other words, if two rules apply on one subject, apply the Top Rule.  This will prevent you from becoming confused.

The Seven Golden Rules

The Seven Golden Rules, or you might say Seven Golden Questions, are as follows:

1) What did the Messiah Teach?

2) What did the Apostles Teach?

3) What did the TANAKA (Old Testament) Teach?

4) What did the Messiah Do?

5) What did the Apostles Do?

6) What did the Early Believers Do?

7) What did the Righteous Do in the TANAKA?

Finding The Path

Obviously, some of these overlap and may help you understand.  For example, What did the Messiah Teach is Rule One, but What did the Apostles Do (Rule 5) may help to explain or better define Rule One!