In Yeshua’s Name – Amen! is a collection of links to post I am making about the reasons I pray in Yeshua’s name, and the proofs I have found that Yeshua is the true name of the only begotten son of God.

In Yeshua’s Name! – Part 1

  1. There is “a name which is above every name!”
  2. Names Are Important (I am not “Hey You!”)
  3. Getting It Right (Close friends and family.)
  4. No “J” in Jesus! (Hebrew and Greek have no “J” sound)
  5. Changing Names (From one language to another language!)
  6. Transliteration (Writing Names with other language systems!)
  7. Yeshua in the Bible (Twenty-Nine time in the Old Testament!)
  8. Another Jesus (We can ignore these! Not Hebrew nor Greek.)
  9. Yah’shua (Not found in the Bible text at all!)
  10. Start of a Quest (How this began!)
  11. Why Use The Name? (Scriptures to Consider!)
  12. I Know My Friend’s Name! (Do you know your’s?)