Please Correct Me!

I am trying my best to Make God Famous (bring glory to God) with this website. But I am not perfect…

I live in the Philippines and Copyright laws are a little different here, than in other “First Class” Countries. If I used something from another website, I am likely within my rights to do so in the Philippines. However, in the interest of fairness, I will always try to give credit to the original work if I can. Filipinos call that “Copy It Right!”

If you detect anything that needs credit, please correct me!

For now the best way to do this is to just post me an email using the EMAIL FORM!

If there is copyrighted material on this site that you really do not want used here, please, just tell me and I will remove it. No need to be uncivil or anything like that. Just note where on this site the copyrighted material is, and what site it is copyrighted on, and that you want it removed, and we will remove it! Simple as that!

We do hope you will prefer the credit where credit is due policy we have, and instead of removing something, you just ask it be credited to you.