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Our Spam Policy is simple – Spam is NOT allowed!

All spam will be deleted.

What is Spam?  We suggest your read:
Fighting WordPress Spam – Part 1 – What is Spam?

Our Anti-Spam policy and decisions are based on Human decisions of These are not based on any spam service. Automation of anti-spam policy is made only where we can be assured of a NO LOSS BASIS.

In other words, we are Humans. What other humans say about us in Trackbacks and Comments are important to us. If you are a human and you write to or about us, rest assured, WE WILL READ YOUR COMMENT or TRACKBACK page and only then decide if it is spam.

We humans accept as an axiom that all trackbacks and comments originating at an Internet Bot are, in fact, Spam and we humans will delete these and not allow them on our website.