Old Dance Moves – New Music!

Watch – Share – Enjoy! – The most incredible dance sequences from 66 pre-1954 movies, set to new modern music!

They Dance To Uptown Funk Song
They Dance To Uptown Funk Song, But Watch When They Turn Around…

If you are over 50 you undoubtedly grew up watching some of these movies as reruns! However, the latest was made in 1954 – the year I was born!

If you are younger, you will love the way the moves of your parents and grand parents, fits well with newer music from the 21th century!

Made from 66 scenes from some of the earliest musicals, this video is a piece of art. All the movies you see are from the Golden Age, no later than 1954, some of them are lost forever with only minutes on reels that have survived. None of these clips were sped up or slowed down.

Please, Enjoy and SHARE!

Enjoy and SHARE!

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