Pay Attention or She’ll Rob You!

#10 “Pay attention or she’ll rob you!”

“To pay attention,
this is our endless and proper work.”
~ Mary Oliver ~

As David Tait has said, “The true work of a con artist, is to make you believe, you don’t need to pay attention.”  To pay attention is one of the key principles to becoming a success.  You need to pay attention, to see what no one else sees.  You need to pay attention, to hear what other people ignore.  You need to pay attention, to be a Success in Life, Love and Business!

The best thing to do is to always compete with yourself
and not to compete with others.
~ Kelly Cutrone ~

The con artist pays attention to you, in order to learn how to gain your confidence.  Remember that con artist is actually short for confidence artist, his “art” is in paying attention.  The salesman works, more honestly, in much the same way.  He pays attention, listening for you to tell him how to sale you his product.

Standing On The Moon

Standing on the moon and looking at earth, it looks like a peaceful place to live and work!  Remember that Bette Midler song, “From a distance”?  The people who walked on the moon had to closely pay attention to what they were doing, just to stay alive!  Sure, they also paid attention to the beauty of the earth, how peaceful and tranquil it looked, from a distance!

“Like a good doctor with a microscope,
pay attention to the little things!”

~ David Tait ~

At a distance everything looks perfect!  Remember that when you pay attention to your competitors.  Like the guys on the moon looking at the earth, it is good to take a glance at your competitors, and see what they are doing.  Just pay very close attention to what you are doing!

“Pay attention or she’ll kill you!”
~ David Tait ~

Pay attention or she’ll kill you!

Travis Alexander may have had a “premonition” that Jodi Arias, the Mormon Religion (blood atonement), or someone, was going to kill him when he told his friends, “Don’t be surprised if one of these Sundays I don’t show up and you find me dead some place.”  Speaking about Jodi Arias, David Tait said, “I always said, ‘Pay attention or she’ll kill you!'”  Tait’s original quote was, “I’ll tell you about lifestyle, or eating, pay attention or she will kill you!”  Of course, Alexander’s lifestyle with Jodi, we all know, was less than a pure loving relationship.  Nonetheless, it seems Travis failed to pay attention to what he seemed to know what was coming… his own death.

It may surprise you that many high profile cases have the same death “premonition” – an obvious lack of paying attention.  Travis Alexander, as well as Vashti Seacat, Kathleen Savio, Stacy Peterson, Susan Powell, and Reeva Steenkamp, all seemed to know or fear their deaths CNN Reported.  They, and the people they spoke to, all did not pay attention or do something to stop their deaths.

For Success

“Pay attention or she’ll rob you!”
~ David Tait ~

For Success in Life, Love and Business, it is very important to “Pay attention or she’ll rob you!”

“Pay attention to your enemies, for they are the first to discover your mistakes.” ~ Antisthenes

“Our business in life is not to get ahead of others but to get ahead of ourselves – to break our own records, to outstrip our yesterdays by our todays, to do our work with more force than ever before.” ~ Stewart B. Johnson

#10 “Pay attention or she’ll rob you!”

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