You Will Be My Song – Don Moen – Lyrics

Sometimes finding yourself again is the hard part.  We lose the song on our heart.  You Will Be My Song is perhaps Don Moen’s greatest songs.  He has been through the desert and he finds himself again – in a place we all know, but sometimes forget.

You know my needs, all that’s unspoken … You hold the pieces of all that’s been broken
Even when a melody won’t come … Even when my words are not enough

I know that place well, it is hard to get out of bed in the morning, hard to face a new day.  It seems all I have strength for is to complain of how little strength I have… That is when God comes to me and Yeshua (Jesus) lifts me into his arms again.

Before I call I know You’ll hear me … When hope is gone still You are near me
Even when I feel like I’m alone … I know You’ll never leave me on my own

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Art of Compromise is the Law of Transaction

I am really thinking this morning about the Art of Compromise. The Art of Compromise is really the secret of success in life. I have been studying the laws of the Universe. People do not realize it, but there are real laws that govern the universe like the Law of Attraction and the Law of Transaction.

Law and Art are the Same!

I have come to realize that the Law of Transaction and the Art of Compromise are likely the same thing!

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Uncharted Territory – Don Moen – Lyrics

Uncharted Territory is a song that came to me when I needed it most, this morning!

I find myself in uncharted territory, Never felt so lost, Never felt so lonely
Where are You Lord? … How can I sing the Lord’s song, in a foreign land?

You may think the “foreign land” I feel so lost in, is the Philippines, the country I live in, away from the country of my birth … but actually I am talking about the Earth.  My citizenship is in Heaven and therefore, anyplace on Earth is really a foreign land to me.

When I first heard this song this morning, I was contemplating a move to a new place, a new city, on a different island.  I am unsure how to do this, really, I am in Uncharted TerritoryWhere are you Lord?  What is your plan for me God?

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Uncharted Territory – Don Moen

I find myself in uncharted territory
Never felt so lost
Never felt so lonely
Where are You Lord?

Teach me how to sing Your song
Gonna sing Your song!

We have all been there… Where are You Lord?

This album came into my life at such a time…  Just when i needed it most, God gave me a new song…  His love came in the morning and made all things work together for my good!  I hope you enjoy this music as much as I do.

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Music and Lyrics Lan Listens To!

People ask me what kind of music I listen to. So I have decided to add two categories called Music and Lyrics! I have also added a bar with categories on it. It needs some work to make it beautiful, and organized, I am working on that!

I am adding two subcategories… The first is MUSIC, you will find it under the LAN category. Here is where I will list music I listen to. Where possible I will add links to YouTube’s of the music. I will also link to my review / lyrics page where available.

The other subcategory you will find is called LYRICS. As you no doubt imagined, I will put the lyrics to the music I listen to, as I have time. I will also write a little intro on each of these pages, sort of a reason / review of why the music means something to me. These pages will link back to the the music page as well as a YouTube of the music if available.

I hope you will Enjoy this!