Uncharted Territory – Don Moen

I find myself in uncharted territory
Never felt so lost
Never felt so lonely
Where are You Lord?

Teach me how to sing Your song
Gonna sing Your song!

We have all been there… Where are You Lord?

This album came into my life at such a time…  Just when i needed it most, God gave me a new song…  His love came in the morning and made all things work together for my good!  I hope you enjoy this music as much as I do.

Track List:

  1. Uncharted Territory” – 5:29 (written by Don Moen & Tom Lane)
  2. You Will Be My Song” – 5:30 (written by Don Moen & Mia Fieldes)
  3. “Somebody’s Praying For Me” – 4:29 (written by Don Moen & Claire Cloninger)
  4. “Great Things” – 4:18 (written by Matt Maher)
  5. “Your Love Never Fails” – 5:26 (written by Chris McClarney & Anthony Skinner)
  6. “Lord Have Mercy” – 4:50 (written by Don Moen, Tom Lane & Mia Fieldes)
  7. “Ransomed” – 4:11 (written by Don Moen & Rebecca Law)
  8. “Divine Exchange” – 4:56 (written by Don Moen, Tom Lane & Mia Fieldes)
  9. “My Portion You Will Ever Be” – 4:48 (written by Kelly Minter)
  10. “No Fear” – 4:14 (written by Don Moen, Tom Lane & Mia Fieldes)
  11. “He Loves You” – 4:27 (written by Don Moen & Claire Cloninger)
  12. “Thank You Jesus” – 4:37 (written by Don Moen & Paul Baloche)
  13. “Burn” – 5:51 (written by Ben Fielding, Jason Ingram & Paul Mabury)

total 1:03:13

Bonus track

“Beautiful Saviour” – 5:13 (written by Henry Seeley)


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