Art of Compromise is the Law of Transaction

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I am really thinking this morning about the Art of Compromise. The Art of Compromise is really the secret of success in life. I have been studying the laws of the Universe. People do not realize it, but there are real laws that govern the universe like the Law of Attraction and the Law of Transaction.

Law and Art are the Same!

I have come to realize that the Law of Transaction and the Art of Compromise are likely the same thing!

Two Important Things

In the Art of Compromise, the two most important things are, what is really important to ME, and what is really important to YOU.

These are really important to success, so remember in the Law of Transaction, or in the Art of Compromise, the two things you meed to discover are:

  1. What is Most Important to Me?  What is it that really matters to me?  What do I really want the most?
  2. What is Most Important to You?  What is it that really matters to you?  What do you really want the most?

Happy are the the Givers!

Most people do not become a success, because thy do not know how give what someone else wants.  As the Bible says, it is more blessed (happy) to give that to receive.  There is nothing you can give, that you do not receive (unless you give to a thief!).  The Bible says Give and it shall be given to you (from God), pressed down, shaken together and running over!  Wow, that is a lot!

Giving Begins at Home!

I think the problem is that people do not stop and think, what do I really want?  Most men never realize that responsibility is a good thing.  The average guy would rather buy beer than buy baby food… He does not realize how important baby food is to him!

Really, I see it all the time, homes really break up because of this.

It works like this, assume a guy attracts a great wife, she is every guys dream.  So of course a child is born.  Remember this is the best wife there could ever be.  What do you think will happen if he just allows his child to go hungry, while he is out at bars drinking beer and tipping sexy bar girls?

Hey, any girl can tell you that the perfect wife is going to get angry!  It is HER baby who is also hungry!  No woman will ever be happy if her child is suffering.  However,  I think most guys don’t get it…

A girl need a MAN, a REAL MAN, who takes care of his family, FIRST!

Now let’s say that the girl is not perfect, she is a good girl, but not perfect.  Yet, her guy thinks about his responsibility and his family.  He thinks, “If I wants a beer, I can drink it at home” (or like me, no beer at all, or maybe it is not beer, maybe it is a computer or eating at Pizza Hut!).  He says to himself, “If I buy a beer at the store and drink it at home, it cost half as much!” (more to buy baby food!) and “I should stick that P100 bill in my wife’s bra, instead of the bra of the bar girl…”  (Try sticking a P100 in your wife’s bra, when she asks, just tell her you thought she might need some “pocket” money!)   Now what do you think the good wife is going to do, when she sees her guy really taking care of her, and making sure her baby has what she needs?  Of course, she will love him all the more, right?

Think of a Single Mom

If the guy who made a baby, had just taken the responsibility to take care of the woman and her needs, wouldn’t she have loved that?  So guys run away from responsibility, thinking they do not want it, but really, it is exactly what makes their life better!

The Art of Compromise … The Law of Transaction … Same Thing!

Broken Home for Being Human

I know a couple who have a broken home, the wife actually destroyed her children because the guy LOOKED at a pretty girl who walking by.  Get real!  Guys are visual!  We look!  However, this couple I know, broke up because the wife became so angry, because he did what every man would do, look!  She didn’t think about what she really wanted.  Next time, try passionately kissing him instead, I’m pretty sure all his attention will be on you!

Most guys do NOT think what girls think.  Girls think he wants her, but guys look at pretty girls like girls look at new born babies!  How cute!  The right response a woman should have is to remember he chose you, he takes care of you, he loves you!

You would not care if he looked at a beautiful car, or a beautiful baby right?  Same thing!  In the art of compromise, that is silliness.  He is taking care of and loving Y-O-U!

Do you like music?  This morning I am listening to:

Uncharted Territory

I love this guy’s music! So real!


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