June 2012

Lan Tait Live!

Inspirationally – Loving And Nice! A Hodgepodge of Thoughts!


Fly a LAN Tait!

Fly LAN - aLanTait.Com Lan Tait Live

People and…

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The Romans Road To Life With God!

The ROMANS ROAD is a pathway you can walk to a life with God. If you walk down this road you will end up understanding how to have a life with God. […]

Verum Tantum Tempus Revelat

The true measure of Love is Commitment, Trust, and Time. Physical attraction of fun is doomed to fail. […]

Yeshua Came to SAVE Sinners!

Yeshua did not come to SHAME sinners. Yeshua came to SAVE sinners. […]

Sonshine in the Night

When Sonshine fills our heart with love ~ The stars at night are bright above… Original Poem By Lan Tait […]

Being One…

When hearts beat together as one The world is a better place. […]