Happy “F” Day! What the “F”?

What’s the “F”?  It is Happy “F” Day!

“F” in the Hexadecimal Numbering system is how you say 15 in decimal.  However, in the language of computers, binary, hexadecimal “F” would be represented as “1111”!

Since New Years this year looks like 1111, for example 1/1/11 or 11/1/1, you might just shorten it to “F” and say Happy “F” Day!  Or What the “F”?

The only problem is that “11”, as in 2011, is actually “C” in hex.  So to hex someone with 11 you would need to say “What the C?” Instead of “What the F?” And what the F would people think if you said What the C? Or even “What the Eleven?”

This all gets a bit rather confusing…

Change Topic…

Did anyone notice that 10% or one tenth or a tithe of this century is already over… We better stop wasting time!

What the F?

Happy F Day!

Pass the word… What the F Year (15 as in 2015) is only 4 years away!

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