January 2011

Lan Tait Live!

Inspirationally – Loving And Nice! A Hodgepodge of Thoughts!


Fly a LAN Tait!

Fly LAN - aLanTait.Com Lan Tait Live

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Pastor Chito M. Morales Sr. – Blessed are the Peacemakers

Pastor Chito M. Morales Sr. passed from life unto life this morning, to be with our Lord Yeshua the Messiah. Brother Chito, as I called him, is my good friend. I say is because although he is gone from this life, I am sure he is alive in with the Lord. […]

Francis Kong

The Francis Kong Archive at http://franciskong.acts-29.net/ or www.FrancisKong.acts-29.net is well worth a daily visit! Francis Kong inspires me nearly every day and I share this hoping you will also be inspired! […]

Happy “F” Day! What the “F”?

What’s the “F”? It is Happy “F” Day!

“F” in the Hexadecimal Numbering system is how you say 15 in decimal. However, in the language of computers, binary, hexadecimal “F” would be represented as “1111”!

Since New Years this year looks like 1111, for example 1/1/11 or 11/1/1, you might just shorten it to “F” […]