Happy Birthday Son, and Uncle!

Birthdays are usually a sweet time!  In youth we look forward to them, not only for the presents, but also for the “status” of being a year older.

As we age, we would like that status to reverse… but too late.  Sometimes, things go wrong, really wrong, and birthdays can become sad reminders of that wrong.  I was born with Celiac Disease and untreated it made many things in my life go wrong.  My son is 36 today, I wish I could wish him a Happy Birthday!  He was born on my uncle Bob’s birthday.  I wish I spent more time with him before he died.  Happy Birthday you two!

All the while I was growing up I had these mood swings and behavior problems, really unexplained thought processes.  Those carried forth into my adult years.  As another of my sons told me, I left a pretty big wake of hurt and damaged people behind me.  And I did.  So why do I tell you this and air this for all the world to see… Simple… When something goes wrong you need to keep looking for an answer… Why?

Years later, at the age of 52, I found out.  I was born with a genes that can cause Celiac Disease.  Likely my mother had it and my grandfather (her dad) likely had it too.  (In my opinion they had symptoms in that they had health issues that are often related to Celiac Disease and I had to get my Celiac from one of my parents, who had to get it from one of their parents, etc.)  You see Celiac is passed from parent to child.  In fact, even is you get any of the 13 identified genes, it does not mean you will get Celiac.  But you can get Celiac with only one of the genes!  Likewise, even if you have the genes, and even if you get Celiac Disease, it is only a few people who develop Celiac Rage or mood swings or mental problems… I just happened to be “lucky”.

So, Celiac Disease destroyed my family, it the same way drinking or drugs destroy some families.  But with drinking and drugs, you go to rehab and you get better and people accept that as long as you say away from that stuff, your life has changed.  Just imagine how hard it is to explain that as long as I stay away from food like bread and pizza and spaghetti that my life has changed!

All those things have one thing in common, gluten!  Hey, read some packages!  It will not take you very long before you find one labeled “Gluten Free” – why do they put that on there?  It is not for decoration or just to waste ink, it is because gluten, stuff in wheat, barley and rye, really destroys people’s lives!  For some, it destroys their health.  Gluten causes one kind of diabetes.  And Celiac mimics lot’s of other diseases.  Just search Celiac and if you have a complaint, it may be there.


Regardless of what your illness, if you have gone to a doctor and have not improved… start thinking about Celiac…  Go find a young intern at some hospital and ask for a consultation.  Ask the intern fresh out of medical school, if it is possible Celiac Disease might be causing your symptoms and does he recommend you be tested for it?

Why an Intern?

The reason is simple, when most doctors went to school they were taught that Celiac happens in only 0.001% of the time.  Actually, about 1% of Americans have Celiac and 97% of the people suffering from this disease are not diagnosed.  Most doctors today (except the new ones) were trained that Celiac Disease is so rare that they would likely never see a case.  However, the truth is some of those same doctors who do not check for Celiac, may be treating a high percentage of Celiac patients in their clinic – with the wrong drugs for the wrong illnesses.  That is why patents do not respond!

It is also why in this case it is wise to ask an intern if they think you would benefit from being tested for Celiac!

Before it destroys your health, or your life.  Some people have noticed that afternoon road rage is higher than morning road rage.  If you know anyone who ever got angry inappropriately, talking them into being tested for Celiac may save their lives or there families.  A lot of road rage, perhaps the majority, can be linked to Celiac Rage!  Why the afternoon?  Americans eat sandwiches and burgers for lunch!  The bread is loaded with gluten!

But most people with Celiac Disease health problems, do not have Celiac Rage!  On the other hand, it is possible that the very reason my son has no communication with me is because he may have Celiac he got in his DNA package from me! Scary right?  In fact, my whole blood related family says they do not have Celiac Disease, but not one has been tested!  They all have been told by their OLD doctors that Celiac is Rare.  The medical fact is that because I have Celiac, they are at a much greater risk of having it than the normal population!

Just “Lucky”

Remember that I said I was just lucky to have the worst kind of Celiac that effects your thoughts like PCP and ruins your life like drugs and alcohol… Well today I do feel lucky, but for a different reason.  Today I live a VeGenesis Lifestyle, totally gluten free.  No more thought problems, no more Celiac Rage.  I really wish I could make contact with my destroyed family.  I would love for them to see how I am now without gluten, but all they remember is the Gluten Dragon and I do not blame them for that.

I am lucky because I have learned that almost everyone on the planet has an allergic reaction to wheat, even if it is so small it causes not apparent problem.  I am lucky because I am starting a new website called New LipHe (say “New Life”) at NewLipHe.com where people can learn to have a New Life, improved from what they have!  In a way it is like a birthday gift to my son to help other families not be broken like our.  I am lucky, because I was able to change my diet and change my life so no one else will be hurt by the Celiac Rage I was born with…

But on days like my son’s birthday, I just wish him a very Happy 36th Birthday… and hope he reads my blog!

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